Unique Family Christmas Traditions In Brazil

unique family christmas traditions in brazil


Unique Family Christmas Traditions In Brazil >>> http://urlin.us/5fmov





















































The dishes are - Fresh Vegetables Kale and garlic Exotic fruits Roast Turkey Roast Pork Fish Brazilian Nuts pie Chocolate cake Panettone Cold Potato Salad Colorful Rice With the high temperatures and the absence of snow, the Christmas in Brazil, may not seem like Christmas at all! However, the erection of Christmas trees, the lights, Masses at church and the Christmas feast at home signify the importance of the festival in the country. Brazilian Christmas Feast In Brazil, the Christmas feast is a hushed affair, and is usually served on Christmas Eve. Simply copy and paste this code into your Facebook page or blog. Notable among these is creating a nativity scene or "Presepio". The raffle is conducted at the get-together, and you can choose your gift from the pile without unwraping them though. Another is amigo-ladro (thief-friend), in which you do not know who your secret friend is: participants buy generic gifts that can suit both men and women. Holidays : Christmas : Christmas Around The World : Christmas In Brazil Christmas In Brazil Brazil is home to a surfeit of mixed cultures and a diverse population. Christmas in Brazil is one of the most important festivals and is often known as 'dia de festas'. These "electric trees" can be seen against the night skies in major cities such as Brasilia, So Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro throughout the season.


I must admit I had a bit of a hard time trying to think on something particularly Brazilian. The beginning of the previous century saw many immigrants coming from Europe and other parts of the world and settling in Brazil. Sparklers and rockets are favorites of the children.Brazilian legend says that the animals like to talk to each other about the Christ child too! The rooster will say Christ is born! In response, the bull asks, where? And then all of the sheep respond, in Bethlehem of Judea! Home Brazilian Culture Christmas in Brazil New! CommentsShare your thoughts about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below. Food for Celebrating Christmas in Brazil What special foods do Brazilians enjoy during the Christmas holiday? Brazilians who can afford it will enjoy a specially prepared roasted turkey or ham, cod-fish cakes, a variety of fruit and vegetables, and colored rice.In some Southern states of Brazil beer and wine might also be served - this is the European influence. The mass has this name because the rooster announces the coming day and the Missa do Galo finishes at 1 AM on Christmas morning! On December 25th, Catholics go to church, but the masses are mostly late afternoon, because people enjoy sleeping late after the dinner called Ceia de Natal or going to the beach. A huge Christmas dinner includes turkey, ham, colored rice, and wonderful vegetables and fruit dishes. On Christmas Eve, thousands of devout Catholics attend the "Missa do Galo" or Midnight Mass. One of the Christmas traditions in northern Brazil is to perform the folk play, The Shepherds or Los Pastores. The food savored during this festival has its origin from Germany, Portugal, Italy, and Spain. Plays and Nativities A folk play, Los Pastores, is usually organized during the holidays to celebrate Christmas in Brazil.


Christmas Around The World Christmas In Argentina Christmas In Australia Christmas In Austria Christmas In Belgium Christmas In Bethlehem Christmas In Brazil Christmas In British Isles Christmas In Bulgaria Christmas In Canada Christmas In Czech Republic Christmas In Denmark Christmas In Ethiopia Christmas In Finland Christmas In France Christmas In Germany Christmas In Great Britain Christmas In Greece Christmas In Greenland Christmas In Holland Christmas In Hungary Christmas In Iraq Christmas In Ireland Christmas In Italy Christmas In Lebanon Christmas In Mexico Christmas In New Zealand Christmas In Norway Christmas In Poland Christmas In Portugal Christmas In Romania Christmas In Russia Christmas In Scandinavia Christmas In Scotland Christmas In Siberia Christmas In Slovakia Christmas In Spain Christmas In Sweden Christmas In Switzerland Christmas In Syria Christmas In Ukraine Christmas In USA Christmas In Vatican Christmas In Wales Christmas Christmas Characters Christmas Legends Christmas Quotes Christmas Superstitions Around The World Christmas Recipes Christmas History Christmas Traditions Christmas Trivia Twelve Days of Christmas Merry Christmas In Different Languages . Notify me of new posts via email. The food eaten in Brazil (specially in the South states) during Christmas came from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and other countries. The cone structure is 85 meters tall or just shy of 26 feet high! Secret Friends Brazilians like to practice a tradition called secret friends or amigo secreto. One of the Christmas traditions in Brazil is playing a special game known as the Amigo Secreto. 405 Not Allowed.. Even though this tradition is still held in most parts of Brazil, places like Rio Grande de Norte, Paraiba and Alagoas have abandoned this tradition due to the high crime rates in the country and for the safety of the women folk. Home Christmas Easter Father's Day Mother's Day New Year Valentine's Day Recipes . He is believed to secretly leave gifts at the house of every good child on Christmas Day.


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